Thursday, January 1, 2015

CREED: You Are What You Believe 2015

The Latin word, credo (from which we get our English word creed), simply means I believe. It's the first word of he Apostles' Creed - an ancient articulation of central Christian beliefs. Throughout the history of church, and in particular, throughout the early history of the church, the Christians formed and embraced creedal statements to clarify the Christian faith and to distinguish true content from error or false representations (e.g., The Apostle's Creed, The Nicene Creed, and The Athanasian Creed).

Though the creeds serve a great purpose in summarizing central Christian truth, they are not Scripture; rather, as with all good theology and sound beliefs, the ancient Christian creeds were shaped by Scripture.

What do you believe?

Everyone believes something about God, therefore everyone, in one way or another, is a theologian. The question is not whether you do theology or not, but whether or not you are good at it! And it’s not whether or not your beliefs are developing and being shaped, but whether or not your beliefs are being shaped by the right resources!

So where do you look for truth? What has and is shaping your beliefs and understanding about God?

Each January, we take some time to look into an aspect of historic Christian doctrine. And this Janaury (2015), we'll be learning about the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

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