Friday, January 31, 2014

The Evangel - February, 2014

The word "evangel" simply means "Gospel." (It's where the title "evangelical" comes from - e.g., "evangelicals" are recipients and participants in the Gospel.)  Part of our mission statement is to be a church committed to "movement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ." 

The goal of February's teaching series will be to unpack that portion of our mission + vision and, as we do, grow in our Gospel understanding and living. 

The Gospel/Evangel, in short, is the announcement that God has come to humanity, in Jesus Christ, to bring a new reality of redemption and renewal. Redemption because we have rebelled (sinned) against God and are in need of forgiveness; and renewal because Jesus is Lord and, as Lord of all, he promises to set this world back to rights, forever removing all wrongdoing, pain, and death (Acts 3:18-21). The reality of this redemption and renewal is what we call the Kingdom of God; and, through the Gospel, all are welcome to come!

This is truly good news!

May we aim to base all we do on this message; and may the reality that "Jesus is Lord" intersect with every part of our life, radically shaping our desires, decisions, and actions.

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