Friday, February 7, 2014

What is the Gospel? - with N.T. Wright

This interview was filmed at a national consultation, entitled, A Faithful Gospel: How should we understand what the gospel is? It is the first in a series of five events taking place as part of the Evangelical Alliance's 'Confidence in the Gospel' initiative. For more info check out -

In this video clip, N.T. Wright answers:
  • Why do we need to ask, "What is the Gospel?"
  • What is the Gospel according to the Gospels?
  • If you only had a couple minutes, how would you share the Gospel with someone?
  • Do we need to talk about repentance when we present the Gospel?Why do you emphasize the importance elf talking about Jesus's life, as well as his death, when presenting the Gospel?
  • Is the Gospel of Paul different from Jesus' Gospel?
  • What would your advice be to a young evangelistic? 

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