Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Join the Revolution...

With a domineering sense of entitlement, we often confuse our wants with needs. We camouflage greed with being relevant and materialism with the fruits of our labor. Self-restraint is viewed as weakness and overindulgence is often accepted and celebrated and pursued.

Ironically, our pursuit wealth and comfort has actually made us quite poor and full of stress. Stressed, overly busy, often worried, and at painfully at odds with the people we should love, joy, peace and rest seem to be perpetually fleeting.

The teachings of Jesus, love your neighbor as yourself, forgive and bless your enemies, it is better to give than to receive, etc. often seems upside down or backwards. But, given our state of anxiety and discontentment, perhaps we’re are the ones upside down.

Come. Let us sit at the feet of The Great Rabbi and listen as He invites us into a renewed way of living. We call it the Kingdom of God and, yes, it is Gospel (good news) to our soul!

May we embrace the invitation to come into the Kingdom through Jesus the Messiah; and may we join the revolution in daring to believe that the seemingly upside-down ways of Christ are actually right side up.

Hope to see you Sunday as we continue in our series on The Sermon on the Mount - UPSIDE DOWN IS RIGHT SIDE UP. All are welcome so bring a friend!

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