Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Survey Says...The State of Theology

Some interesting and alarming discoveries found in a recent survey -- The State of Theology --conducted by Ligonier Ministries and Lifeway Research indicate a wide array of theological belief. That's nothing new, we've know we live in an increasingly pluralistic society, but I was mainly interested in what the professing or confessing Evangelicals had to say about their beliefs in God. Personally, I would have reworded many of the questions, some where a bit too general or vague; and some of the questions are covering issues that orthodox Christianity has debated since the beginning. But what was underscored and confirmed for me was something I run into often. More and more professing Christians are forming their theological convictions on gut feelings and popular opinion.

The state of theology is more important than we realize. RC Sproul has said often, “Everyone’s a theologian” because everyone thinks something about God. The real question needing to be asked is, "Are we a good theologian?" This study/survey demonstrates a sigificant gap in theological awareness throughout our nation, in our neighborhoods, and even in the seat next to us at church. The Scriptures and the simple and fortified truths found in our historic and orthodox creeds, confessions, and catechisms are increasingly taking the back seat.

Speaking of creeds, catechisms, theological training, and our culture's and present church goer's lack in theological conviction and depth, check out Beyond Sexy: The Simple, Yet Fortifying, Truths of Catechisms.

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