Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lenten Ideas for the Family

Select a scripture verse that everyone in your family can work on together.  Simplify the language for younger children, or add extra verses for older children and adults.  Write the verse down in a place everyone congregates daily.  Work on the verse together throughout the Lenten Season.

Candle lighting is a common practice during Lent, similar to Advent.  You can use 6 white pillar candles, or purple candles.  Place the candles in a prominent place in your house where they will serve as a visual reminder of the Lent Season.

Schedule a special activity time for your family when everyone can be together.  Set aside 45-60 minutes of your evening to listen to some good worship music, or sing together, and play a favorite family game.  Make it fun & special.  Light candles, make popcorn, or do the activity in a family size fort!

Make a paper chain of 46 days (40 days of Lent plus 6 Sundays).  Commonly made of purple construction paper, with a black chain link for Good Friday, this activity is great for a variety of ages.  Each link can have a scripture verse, activity, thought, or just help count down the days to Easter Sunday!

Family Conversations- Dinner Table Ideas
Pick a day of the week that you all eat a meal together and discuss these topics over dinner. (FYI - These topics and discussion starters are aimed to help include everyone in the family, no matter their faith or lack thereof.)
Table Talk #1 Personal Reflection:
What is something in my life that I can work on during the Lent Season (i.e. being more thankful, better attitude about household chores, kindness toward siblings) 
Table Talk #2 Family Compliments:
Go around the table and give each person in your family a compliment 
Table Talk #3 Serving Each Other:
Pick someone in your family to help during the week.  Find at least 2 things you can do for them this week (i.e. do their chores for a day, help with homework, make their bed, pack their lunch, etc.) 
Table Talk #4 We are Special:
Go around the table and share your thoughts about this question: What is something special about our family? 
Table Talk #5 What does Lent mean to Me?
Share with your family what Lent has meant to you this year, what you have liked about it, and how God has spoken to you or been with you. 
Table Talk #6 Taking Care of God’s Creation:
How can we as a family do a better job of taking care of God’s creation?

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