Monday, March 27, 2017

LENT 2017 Lenten Activities + Prayers - Day 24


Today we will continue our consideration of Galatians 5:22-23, the Apostle Paul’s list of the “Fruit of Spirit.” These fruits are not only attributes for us to prize and prioritize as important, this fruit also describes what God is like. For this list of fruits are some the very character traits of God that we are called to emulate as image-bearers (Gen. 1:26).

The third fruit is PEACE. The Greek word used for peace in this passage is eirēnē and it can be used as a benediction or as a salutation of blessing; but it can also be used as description of something tranquil, good, and harmonious.

A very important component of the Christian message is that God speaks peace into the messiness of our lives (a benediction of peace) and brings peace into our existence (heals our fragmented and broken relationships, with him and with others). Take some time today to ponder God’s peace. Ask him to help you receive his peace and to become a mechanism of his peace for others.

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